Join us for the season one finale as we reflect on our remarkable journey together. So many incredible individuals have graced our podcast, including everyday heroes, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, veterans, and visionaries.

But that’s not all! As a final surprise, we are thrilled to feature the world-renowned cardiologist and internist Dr. Peter McCullough. Prepare to be captivated and enjoy a relaxed and open discussion as Dr. McCullough shares the possible links between hyper-vaccination, the autism spectrum, and a rise in youth gender transitioning.

As we bid farewell to this incredible season, we invite you to celebrate the extraordinary individuals who have graced our podcast and join us as we honor the awe-inspiring legacy of Dr. Peter McCullough, a true pioneer in cardiology and internal medicine.

This interview was filmed in the media room at the WTP USA’s First National Conference in Boise, ID. The two-day conference is available on the We The Patriots USA Rumble Channel!