Nathaniel Kelly is a Public Health Professional in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety. On January 3rd, 2023, he was appointed the Ottawa County, MI Administrative Health Officer, pending state approval. As a veteran who continues to uphold his oath, his knowledge and experience aided in helping many Americans during the past three years. Nate presented as a panelist at the AFIH multidisciplinary summit in August 2022 due to his eight years of experience in Public Health. This event led to media attacks and false accusations that attempted to sway the public’s views on proper controls and pandemic response.
Local and national media have contacted Nate, but he has declined comments and interviews until now! During the pandemic, we saw a shortage of ethical health professionals standing tall in conveying suppressed information due to politizing science. Nate hopes to inspire others not to allow false ad hominem narratives to dissuade reaching their professional growth. He shares details of his professional journey and how he landed this (pending) opportunity utilizing his military adaptability and leadership experience.
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