As many of you know, in March of 2022 we announced that we were committed to taking on the case of Jesus Cano, an Army Sergeant from New Mexico with 21 years of service, including three combat deployments and a mobilization to Fort Lee, who was facing discharge from the service for refusing the COVID shot. What’s more, Sgt. Cano would be forced to pay back the GI bill benefits he had earned for his children’s education. We supported Sgt. Cano in every way possible, booking him for multiple podcast and radio interviews so he could tell his story, and raising over $17,000 toward his legal defense.

Today we are pleased to announce that, due to the recission of the Pentagon’s covid shot mandate, Sgt. Cano is no longer facing discharge and loss of benefits. He is grateful for the assistance and support we provided him this last year, and is happy that the money we raised will go to help others in need of legal services (remember, even if we ultimately do not need to file a particular lawsuit, all of your donations go directly to our mission to help others in need). Watch Sgt. Cano’s interview on Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson here. Thank you Sgt. Cano for your service!