Thousands of women have shared their testimonies of menstrual irregularities with MyCycleStory, founded by Tiffany Parotto of Health Freedom Florida, who joins “Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson.” From no period at all, to hemorrhaging, bleeding for more than a year, bleeding in children as young as two, and decidual cast shedding – the loss of a woman’s entire uterus, and more. has since launched multiple studies with physicians and researchers like OBGYN Dr. James Thorp, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and more. As well as Florida Bill SB222 / HB305: Protection of Medical Freedom that has been filed in the Florida legislature aiming to end discrimination based on your vaccination status this year, with help of citizens and supporters.
CORRECTION: We The Patriots USA will be taking their Health Status Petition to Congress, not the Supreme Court, as mentioned in the show open.
Florida Bill SB222 / HB305 citizen action:
COVID-19 and the surge in Decimal Cast Shedding Study: