Premiering her new show “Vets and Visionaries with Kristen Meghan, Presented by We The Patriots USA,” Teryn Gregson welcomes the military veteran, scientist and industrial hygienist of 20 years, working in pandemic response, to the WTP USA team. Kristen shares her firsthand experience with PTSD and how many are experiencing that post-pandemic. The two moms also discuss how masks have been used as a part of a Spiritual Warfare to polarize, control, and emit fear, how some hospitals are starting to take their mask requirements away, and the veterans forging a new path forward who she will be showcasing on her new show, premiering Monday January 23, 2023, and airing every Monday on the We The Patriots USA Rumble Channel or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Vets and Visionaries with Kristen Meghan Ep. 1:

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