Many of us are calling for social media reform, but how hard is it to launch your own social media platforms to circumvent Big Tech? Brandon Straka and Todd McNutt join Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA to share their experiences launching their own, brand new social media sites, and Brandon Straka, who was charged after January 6th and has gone viral for his #WalkAway from the democratic party, shares his insights on how people are walking away from both parties. Todd McNutt, author of Other People’s Secrets: Your Life Un-Redacted, discusses if TikTok should be banned, how we are willfully giving up our privacy ourselves anyway and ways our social security number is being sold hundreds of times per day.
The opinions expressed by our show guests are their own, and are not necessarily shared by We The Patriots USA. However, we value free speech and will always fight to protect it!

Brandon Straka:

Todd McNutt:
His book, Other People’s Secrets: Your Life Un-Redacted