Attorney Deborah Stevenson & Homeschool mom of 10 Diane Connors speak about the freedom of homeschooling, as well as, fighting for the freedom to do so, if the ‘Money Follows the Child’ model proposed by state lawmakers is really a good idea or not, youth sports and college admissions. They also dive into what parents of kids not yet of school age should be doing to prepare their kids for homeschooling and what parents who already homeschool can do as this trend grows in Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA.

Connors & Stevenson Homeschool resources:
Choosing Curriculum (Note: unschooling is included as an option.)

Choosing Curriculum

The QUIZ!!

Homeschool Philosophies Quiz

K-12 Curriculum Resources – This includes full curricula options as well as per subject/grade options. (Most are FREE and of good quality.)

Homeschooling 101 – Beginner guide to home education in CT (but a lot of it applies anywhere in the country)

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