Steve Deace of The Steve Deace Show on Blaze TV, creator of the new box office hit, Nefarious, staring Sean Patrick Flanery, and one of the headline speakers for our June 2 & 3, We The Patriots USA National Conference, joins Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by WTP USA, to discuss the church’s historically low lack of preparedness for this spiritual battle we are facing. Teryn shares the direct spiritual attack her and her family faced the very day she was to interview Steve and he provides insights into how his similar battle with health during the premiere of this movie gave him one of his most intimate times with the Lord and a much needed gut check on the motivations of his mission.
The opinions expressed by our show guests are their own, and are not necessarily shared by We The Patriots USA. However, we value free speech and will always fight to protect it!

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