Colton Allen is an American Hero. A U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman who served honorably from 2011 – 2016, including a deployment to Bahrain with an exercise to Jordan, he has answered the call of duty in defense of his country. Little did Colton know when he enrolled at American International College (AIC) in Springfield, Massachusetts to pursue a nursing career, that he would be once again called upon to defend his Constitutional rights in the face of a tyrannical medical mandate.

After receiving the J&J shot, Colton began experiencing heart palpitations and chest pain, which prompted him to seek emergency medical treatment at the VA hospital. After AIC mandated the covid booster for all students, Colton’s physician provided him with a medical note stating that he should not receive the booster. Colton applied for a medical exemption, attaching his physician’s note. Unbelievably, Colton’s exemption request was denied. Colton has now been suspended from attending classes, even though he is scheduled to graduate on May 6, 2022.

AIC prides itself as being a “Military Friendly” institution of higher learning. We’re not sure what the criteria is to earn such a distinction, but we’re pretty sure that it does not include barring a veteran from completing his studies just over a month away from graduation, even after he asserted a documented medical exemption from the covid booster shot.

Colton deserves to graduate, and on time. That’s why We The Patriots USA has connected him with legal counsel and committed to fully fund the appeal of his medical exemption denial. As a veteran-owned business ourselves (our Co-Founder Dawn Jolly is a Navy veteran who served during 9/11), we are committed to defending those who defend us. Please consider a donation today to help us help Colton and the countless other military service members and veterans who have reached out to us for help in their fight against tyranny. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

When you stand up to tyrants, we stand up for you.