MERIDIAN, ID (FEBRUARY 8, 2023) – A lawsuit funded by We The Patriots USA was filed today in Ada County District Court by local counsel D. Colton Boyles, against New Horizon Academy in Meridian, Idaho, for expelling a child from its daycare after the parent asserted a religious exemption to the daycare’s vaccination requirements. The complaint asserts that New Horizon refuses to accept any exemptions to childhood vaccinations other than medical exemptions, despite state law allowing such exemptions for children in daycares.

According to the complaint, “Idaho Code § 39-1118(2) states in relevant part that ‘Any minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted a signed statement to officials of the daycare facility stating their objections on religious or other grounds shall be exempt from the provisions of this section [requiring certain vaccinations for children in daycare settings].’” In addition to the child’s reinstatement at New Horizon and attorney’s fees for the plaintiff mother, the lawsuit seeks an order from the court requiring New Horizon to accept all religious or other immunization exemptions submitted by its clients, and enjoining them from expelling any student on the basis of an exemption request.

We The Patriots USA Co-Founder and Attorney Brian Festa released a statement early Wednesday with regard to the filing: “Idaho has some of the strongest vaccination exemption laws in the entire country. It is our position that daycares in Idaho are unequivocally obligated by state law to accept exemption requests from parents, on religious or any other grounds. Neither New Horizon nor any other daycare facility in Idaho has the right to enact policies that contradict state law. This case also has significant nationwide implications, because if this is allowed to stand in Idaho, then there’s nothing stopping daycare facilities or schools from doing it in other states like Texas, Florida, or Tennessee, where medical freedom similarly enjoys strong legal protections.”

Parents have the inalienable right, conferred on them by God, to care for their children as they see fit. No one – not the government, not a school, not a daycare, NO ONE – has the right to dictate to a parent what goes into a child’s body. Vaccination exemptions asserted by parents must be honored, and if they aren’t, we intend to hold the guilty parties accountable in court. The message we are sending to would-be tyrants today is clear: