On Saturday, Steve Kirsch broke the news that the covid shot manufacturers can now be sued for damages. Why? They knew that their products were contaminated with plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences, and it appears that they failed to disclose this to the public or the regulatory authorities when seeking emergency use authorization (EUA).  It certainly wasn’t disclosed to the public.  Although covered “countermeasures” are generally immune from liability under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, a judge in Michigan recently ruled that drug manufacturers are not entitled to PREP Act immunity when the product in question was contaminated (in that case, Remdesivir).

As Kirsch puts it, “The FDA is now at a crossroads. Either they admit that they knew about the plasma contamination, and failed to disclose that to the public and to the outside committees, or they can claim that they didn’t know about it in which case Pfizer is liable. But we have the Pfizer documents that were given to the FDA so we know what the FDA got. And I seriously doubt there’s any disclosure of SV40 contamination. That means we have an adulterated vaccine and the FDA has to remove it from the market until the adulteration is fixed. If the FDA doesn’t do that, they should face criminal prosecution for endangering the public, and not following the law.”

We are now actively seeking plaintiffs for this litigation. If you took the covid shot and suffered an adverse reaction of any kind, please contact us immediately at [email protected]. We are also in great need of funding for this litigation, which of course will be very expensive. Beyond the hefty legal fees, we will need to pay for expert witnesses, deposition expenses, and associated court costs. As a nonprofit public interest law firm, we don’t charge our clients fees, so we rely on the support of our donors to fuel our litigation efforts.