Hospice nurse of more than 20 years, Danielle Baker, now needs in-home care herself after suffering injuries immediately following both doses of the Pfizer jab. She was coerced by her former employer to get the shots in-order to keep her benefits and is now on disability and cannot work. Further, after submitting her diagnosis of severe neurological issues, demyelination of the spine, and transverse myelitis into the VAERs system, her report has been taken down and is nowhere to be found. Hear her heartbreaking story on “Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson”, presented by We The Patriots USA.

Support Danielle’s Worker’s Comp. Case: givesendgo.com/G9KZJ
Watch her FDA Hearing Testimony: https://rumble.com/v278u5a-heart-wrenching-testimony-danielle-baker-presentation-at-the-fda-vrbpac-mee.html
Watch the entire FDA Hearing that featured her testimony: YouTu.be/ZjULNuSYfd0