After We The Patriots USA filed an emergency motion, the State of Connecticut decided to halt its closure of the school at Milford Christian Church, just days after giving the church an ultimatum to either force the students to get vaccinated in violation of their religious beliefs or kick them out of the school by March 15th, or face closure by the state. Brian Festa joins “Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA,” to share how, in less than 24 hours, the state reversed course, agreeing to allow the school to reopen while the litigation proceeds.
There is a long road ahead. The state is pressing on with its defense, hell bent on shuttering the doors of this Christian school, and all others in Connecticut that refuse to enforce school vaccine mandates.
Prayerfully help give to the fight to restore religious exemptions in Connecticut:

Karl Kanthak explains how DPH distorted numbers so CT would repeal religious exemptions in Episode 50: