Last week, we reported that our cert petition (appeal) in our lawsuit to restore religious exemptions to school vaccinations in Connecticut was placed on the agenda for the U.S. Supreme Court’s February 16, 2024 conference. But just hours ago, the Court issued a request for a response from the State of Connecticut and the other respondents. The state waived its right to respond to our petition during the initial response period after it was filed, but it will now have until March 6, 2024 to file a response.

While this does not mean that the Supreme Court is definitely going to grant review of our case, it is encouraging since the Court requests responses for only a small percentage of cases. This could be a landmark case for religious and medical freedom. If our petition is granted, it would be the first case concerning religious exemptions to school vaccinations to ever come before the nation’s highest court. Today we are one step closer to our goal of getting the case heard, and securing victory. But we still have a long road ahead. Please consider a donation to support our work today, and as always, please keep us in your prayers!