When Ashley Tipton enrolled her now 20-month old daughter in New Horizon Academy in Meridian, Idaho, she thought she had found the perfect place to care for her child while she worked during the day. A single mother, Ashley fled the Communistic oppression of California for Idaho, where she was sure her religious liberty and other individual rights would be respected. But all of that changed on October 27, 2022, when Ashley received this message in an email from the daycare director, after recently submitting her vaccination exemption request:

“Thank you for the exemption immunization paper however New Horizon does not accept exemptions for immunizations.”

Idaho law is clear with regard to vaccination exemptions at ALL licensed daycare facilities like New Horizon Academy:

“Any minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted a signed statement to officials of the daycare facility stating their objections on religious or other grounds SHALL BE EXEMPT from the provisions of this section.” (Idaho Statutes Section 39-1118; emphasis added).

It is our professional opinion that New Horizon Academy is in clear violation of the law in Idaho, and we intend to hold them accountable in court. We cannot stand for such a flagrant disregard of the law in any state, but this is especially egregious given that Idaho is supposed to be a refuge for liberty-loving Patriots like Ashley. If we allow this kind of abuse to go unchecked in states like Idaho, Florida, and Texas, there will be nowhere left for any of us to live in freedom and raise our families in safety. That is why we believe this is such an important case not only for our home state of Idaho, but for all Americans who share our values and vision for a better future.

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