When New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham decided to ban the carrying of firearms in public places, New Mexico residents like Dennis Smith decided to stand up and fight back in court. Dennis, a longtime Albuquerque resident, knows that he needs to be able to protect himself whether at home or in public, especially as he has watched the crime in his beloved city skyrocket in recent years.

That is why Dennis joined the lawsuit brought by We The Patriots USA in September. That lawsuit has now been appealed to the Tenth Circuit, and today we filed our brief together with Firearms Policy Coalition, New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and Gun Owners Foundation. Read the brief here.

In a time when hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into this country through the Southern Border virtually unchecked, our right to defend our families and our homes is more important than ever before. And of course, this isn’t just a problem for border states like New Mexico and Texas. Border crossers are being bused to every corner of the country, and reports of violent crimes committed by individuals in this country illegally are mounting. While of course not everyone who crosses the border is a criminal and we do not advocate for violence, we nonetheless believe that all Americans should have the the right to defend themselves when threatened with serious bodily injury or death. That is why we will continue to fight back in the courts against any and all attempts to strip this precious right from us.

If you stand with us, please consider making a donation today to support this lawsuit and our other legal efforts in defense of the Second Amendment.